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Bluetooth modules versus WiFi modules in five areas of performance!

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021

Bluetooth and iot wifi module bring a lot of convenience to our life by eliminating wired interference. Both are used a lot in our life, but many times we don’t know whether it’s better to choose WiFi module or Bluetooth module.

1. Use of standards

Bluetooth and wifi are both wireless network standards, both work in the ism2.4 ghz public band. Bluetooth uses the fhss mode, which generally jumps 1600 times per second, dividing the 83.5 mhz band into 79 bands, occupying only 1 mhz of bandwidth each time. wi fi uses the ieee 802.11 protocol, most ieee 802.11 uses the 2.4 ghz ism band, and a few countries use the 5 ghz ism band.

2. Transmission speed

The theoretical rate of 802.11n can reach 600Mbps, while the current industry mainstream is 300Mbps. bluetooth 4.0 has a theoretical peak of 25Mbps and supports ultra-short packets with 1Mbps data transfer rate. At present, the highest value of is 500 bit/s, and it is said that the future will reach the amount of Gbit/s, mainly for 10+m range (within 1km). In terms of transmission rate, Wifi still has a considerable advantage.

3.Transmission distance

Bluetooth4.0 transmission security distance we can pass to reach 50m, transmission capacity range of 100m. 802.11n router in the open area transmission technology distance students can develop to reach 300M. In this regard, Wifi has a slightly different advantage than Bluetooth.

4. Cost

Cost management is also one of the important research content of the enterprise technology game, at present, the cost control requirements of Bluetooth is lower than Wifi.

5. Power consumption

Bluetooth 4.0 only use three broadcast channels, RF turn-on time from the traditional 22.5ms reduced to 0.6 ~ 1.2 ms, it is estimated that the initial power consumption of Bluetooth will increase by about 20 ~ 30 mA, after the standby will return to normal standby current. The moment Bluetooth establishes a connection:70mA or so. Large data transfer:110 ~ 130 ma or so.

Wi-Fi direct connection device management can be done by supporting WMM power saving program, which can extend the power supply working time of the device as well as 15-40%. Different Wifi transmit signal power to meet the standard requirements are different, the domestic standard is 50 MW. in terms of low-power design, Bluetooth advantages have obvious.

It can be seen that Wifi has more advantages than Bluetooth in terms of long distance and transmission speed, while Bluetooth has unique advantages in terms of low power consumption and low cost.

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