go over PCB X-ray inspection intimately.

X-ray examination is utilized to detect the sample that cannot be detected from the look from the posture. Put together x-ray equipment and other components in your SMT production line for more accurate performance. Get a free quote and improve your production today.X-ray penetrates the material of various densities mainly because of the transform in its light-weight intensity. The resulting distinction impact can kind a picture to show the interior construction with the object to be measured. Hence, this X-ray exam can detect the trouble places within the item being examined without destroying its attributes.

Exactly what does X-ray imaging detect?

1. Examine the problems while in the IC package deal, this sort of as layer peel, bursts, voids, and integrity tests of wire.

2. Detect the problems while in the PCB method, this sort of as inadequate alignment or bridging, and open up circuits.

three. Detection and measurement of voids in SMT solder joints.

4. Exams the opportunity of open circuits, small circuits, flaws, or poor connections in connection circuits of varied varieties.

five. Integrity screening of solder balls in solder array offers and cladding chip packages.

6. Detect cracks in greater density plastic product.

7. Measures chip size, marking and wire arc, and tin part space ratio.

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