Stirses piano Xian

Stirses piano Xian, the Xian breaks, where find understanding friend?
Probably, there are a lot of affairs, want ~only past, destine will become things of the past;Many people, as long as separate, destine will become a stranger.In the life also so, some people walk into, so the story would become so versatile;Also because so, leave because of some people, the story would become such of the dissimilarity is usually.

In a hurry meet, in a hurry of leave, realize the human life love hair weave fate, I also can be used silent come allly sigh to conceal.I tell myself, strong, learn to face everything with the smile, even if icy cold and lonesome the inside freezing life is all warmth and finally change magically into for a snow night that doesn’t have the limit, I also still need to smile, because she, I meet to those and the leave how cherish and don’t give up.

Night, gradually Be getting shorter, embrace the sky You soft moonlight, seem even breathed to also fall to go into sad dreamland.The regrets wears youthful years and sings the elegy of youth, makes the soul floated toward that faraway young ages and quietly listens the voice of heart palpitates.Forsyth商務中心

However, probably the that time light footstep walk hurriedly too much, be I still sink to immerse in the past memory of time, years but stay a puzzle forever at the heart , at the firework decayed last night, depict a full life
time confusing clouds and mist and change into in the middle of the heart that tell don’t finish of continuously pure sorrow.

Be in transit to move, I am thin to forget a lot and didn’t recall some persons arrival and also didn’t recall leaving of some personses and was like the dissipation of a burst of pleasant breeze and became all traces elusive.

Usually is towarding bright moon to ask myself a way for each quiet night:The career of this a life time, how much did I bear firmly in mind?Forgot again how much?Be rushed about to a cursory years, have already canned not remembered clearly to come to excessive little person in the life, and then leave an excessive little person, concerning ever, I also can in mind is misty it of settle a space.

Have been thinking of very much, those once kept company with I once walked the travelers of one and other years.

Have been thinking of very much, those times that once got along with together with you.

Have been thinking of very much, those intravenous drops that once experienced together with you.商務中心

I don’t know that I exactly forgot while recall~toing the mind early academic ranking times how much, also remember how much.It is familiar or unfamiliar to can ignore, my seeming to be again all has never forgotten, just don’t know why, suddenly could not recalled, probably this is the years of the place of fearfulness!Miss more many, forget also more many, and forget more many, want to search also more and more.

If say that the youth is the long river that 1 are forgotten, so the years is an one and loses memory of boundless, I am Cang seas in it one Su leave Cang sea just after smiling 1, yesterday of various I can also request bottom to stay how much.Always think of in the recollection some you of of things of the past;Always at vain in gleam a spark of the abyss of time.Hence in the time like this, my writing deeply imbed time, and left on the forehead of years the vicissitudes of life that belong to me.

Remember someone once said:”The life that didn’t remember fondly is an incomplete life!”In my color rich in hues youth in, it is a probably the most beautiful scenery to remember fondly, is also the worthest[one] art for tasting.Probably my maturity, note all can not get away from to remember fondly, be like the quicksand can not get away from breeze son.The time is too long and remember fondly too many, unconscious, I walk to the youth is over of edge.Forsyth Business centre

Have been rejoicing very much, I can meet in the manuscript of this youth with you in.

Although, the time is heartless to pass, my story, have never faded in color, I will the feeling keep in mind and bear firmly in mind forever, this belongs to my youth burial rites.

The smile that thought of you, I seem and saw your figure ever, those scene, there are also those stories.So Be getting longer, you lead of whether O.K.?Still remember the greenest puckery memory in that life?Whether still remember you the pattern time ever?Whether still remember ……there is my recollection?

Hope the clock on the wall, time not and perceptively and then has already for a long time led and slowly walk the ancient city path hopes the floating cloud of the one pallor of horizon and reads Dao to wear his/her own emotional involvements things of the past in mouth, again lightly resound at 1 of sigh in, make the lonesome soul taken off in the literalness daily record.

It was late at night, the breeze stopped, the month was getting thinner, I am got drunk ……those you of recall me or deny should remember?

24 years old, a youth will die of time, have how many helpless and unbearable careers, whether love also ties up Mian romance?Business centre

The bosom embraces a guitar and stir a Xian piano the sound rise, the Xian breaks a sound to stop, where find understanding friend?

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