What pearl powder

Common saying way”cheapness didn’t good goods, the good goods are expensive”,
Use on the pearl powder be really just like it cent.
Small stand by the side of the street, our possibility through see much of some several dollars and more than ten dollarses and then can buy to 200 grams 300 grams of pearl powders is even.
Might as well understand the production cost of pearl powder:The high-quality medicine is used pearl about 100 dollars|kg, and packing, equipments depreciation, administrative expense, Tahitian pearland logistics cost…etc., tries to ask this kind of price how to may buy real pearl powder?
Sometimes the consumer may think that he or she Jian arrived cheapness, hardly realizing but is cheated.
So is wonderful to the price super low pearl powder still caution.

The pearl powder lustrous fair skin self-makes a method:

1 mix pearl powder and honey, take to use every morning an adjust with Wen Shui even, get empty stomach to drink bottom.Not only can with clearance body endotoxin, drinking over a long period of time can also lustrous fair skin.

When the 2 nights usage protects skin frost, adjust into a little amount pearl powder daubery, can adjust a skin grease to secrete, and have an efficiently fair function, this isn’t the movie star Yu to fly Hong two fair secrets.

3 oneselfs manufacture pearl vinegar to drink.Pour pearl powder into organic apple vinegar or organic reply inside a son vinegar, need pearl powder to dissolve, take to add half cup Wen Shui with the jot each time, adjust into honey to drink.This kind of pearl vinegar beautiful skin anti- decrepitude contains more outstanding effect.

The price wants to see you to buy what kind of“`

The pearl powder operation method is greatly whole

Internal use
1, contain directions for taking:
Breakfast and just before sleep the tongue bottom contains or uses boiled water to swallow the pearl powder of taking the 0.3~0.6 gs(12 spoons).
2, milk method:
Breakfast and just before sleep pour the pearl powder with 0.3~0.6 gs(1-2 spoons) into milk, drink after adjusting all.

External application
1.Powder a round flat cake method
Every morning, Freshwater pearlsweep after the face department to protect skin frost everyday.Dip to take just the right amount of pearl powder with the powder puff even Be rushed toward to face, keep then.
2.Fair method
Every time tempers a little amount pearl powder and smooth skin frost or sun block.Use at 5:00 method Be spread to face fair again nourishment.
3, go to the method of pox
Thoroughly sweep a skin just before sleep.Water and the pearl powder in growing pimple and putting on, with cover up a pimple for quasi-, reserve to a morning.
4, emergency mask method
Sweep a face department, spread a face with the hot towel for five minutes.Use half the egg is pure with just the right amount of with even pearl powder at the face department.Protect after 15-20 minutes clear water to wash.

Pearl emergency mask method

The emergency mask is 1 kind since in brief and effective of hairdressing article, it can go deep into to permeate a skin and make live composition within few minutes exertion show Zhao effect and give a skin with the deep nursing.
The weekend recreation relaxs a skin and do 1

Pearl banana emergency mask
Banana one goes to skin and pounds into pulp, joining 2 butters and 0.3 grams of pearl powders is 1, with 2 teaspoon strong tea water mix even, is at the face, after 10-20 minutes wash.clearly
Effect:Rich contain vitamin and protein, South Sea pearlcan face-lifting, make skin clean.
Want a white snow beauty who be the hot summer, do 1

Pearl fruit emergency mask
Wipe apple, cucumber, and pear…etc. the result mire is in wiping plank and join face powder, water and 0.3 grams of pearl powders and adjust to mix even, is at the face and treat after 10-20 minutes and wash then clearly.
Effect:Contain abundant vitamin, has the function that the fresh and cool town calms down, the hot summer uses effect better.
The outing returns, refreshing Jie noodles, do 1

Pearl aloe emergency mask
Add 2 face powder with 2 aloe juice, 0.15 grams of pearl powders blend paste form, is at the face and slightly do an empress again second floor, reserve in the face for around 30 minuteses, wash then clearly.
Effect:Tighten a skin, promote blood circulation, keep skin from relaxing.
The beauty of sport, the grease secretes prosperous, do 1

Pearl milk powder emergency mask
Mix with a half honey to put together with a skim milk, again join an egg white of egg and 0.3 grams of pearl powders to mix evenly, thickly is at the face and stop over for 10-15 minutes and wash then clearly.
The sun bath protects a young and delicate skin and do 1

Pearl egg white emergency mask
The clear water cooks a cucumber to fully spread in front to wash face to use.Join an egg white of egg into the half teaspoon honey, on paying 0.3 grams of pearl powders, beat even make into to spread noodles of.Golden South Sea pearlWill spread a noodles to put on on the face after water used to once cook a cucumber washes face and neck.Wait after 10 minutes, wash with cold water clearly.Slice to hate an usage soap.
Effect:Spreads noodles by this method, and there is the effect to refrain from rash action, lubricate.
Swimming workout, the recreation rests a little and does one to nourish an emergency mask and clean disinfect aqueous of incitement

The pearl almond emergency mask method
Join 0.15 grams of pearl powders in 2 almond oils, continuously mix blend and slowly join an egg yolk to the formation to glue a dense form, paint at the face and the neck, after 20 minutes with the towel wipe a surplus emergency mask go to then.
Effect:Moisten a skin, make of smooth and delicate.

The pearl eye department protects a skin method

The skin of eyes surroundings is the most impressionable in the human body skin, the fatigue, strain and ages will have a reflection here.But the eyelid is again the part that the face department makes the person neglect most easily, it is thinner than the skin of cheeks 4 times.There is again no propping up of fat and muscle fiber.Under the general circumstance, everybody everyday the eyelid about want to blink 10,000 times, so meeting lead early cause crease, consequently have to specially take into to care and love.Had better from the 25-year-old beginning use some eye departments of specially mades to protect skin frost and hydration frost, arrive 35 years old, can adopt the protecting of complete set skin and anti-wrinkle measure.

The eyelid decreases swelling a method
Tired, sad, excessively smoke, eyes inflammation, or before TV screen excessively work’s waiting will cause the swollen and inflamed and eye bag of eyes.You can protect a skin article through massage and usage eye department to solve.
The massage decreases swelling a method:Press down eye socket with the five fingers, action slowly descend to press and up stir from eyebrow to eyelid, again from the temple go to eyebrow point.

The Wei E pearl powder eye benefits
The vitamin E gum pill is 2 grains and mix with 0.15 grams of pearl powders after pushing to break, can improve a flabby skin after using, get rid of eye bag and black eye, make the rim of eye skin moistenned more.

The eye department protects the creation of skin article
You can according to the property choice suitable eye benefits of you’s skin, oneself can also begin and create the eye benefits or eye film of some each special features and effect.

Sour milk skin pearl powder eye film
Take skim milk 2 major spoons, the boiled water just the right amount hurtles to exchange and cooks on the tiny fire for 5-10 minutes and places 2-3 divas, milk ferments tiny sour, carefully dismantle the milk skin that the surface solidify, take 0.3 grams of pearl powders a spread to spread in the eye week, spread milk skin again then.This eye film can moisten an eye the skin make the skin increased flexible for week.

The plant oil pearl eye film
Take pure and natural plant oil(olive oil, and almond oil…etc. all can)1, temper with 0.15 grams of pearl powders, thin Be spread to eyes on all sides.This eye film makes you of the rim of eye skin Be full to moisten, the eyelid is smooth but again full of flexibility.

The pearl ice bag goes to eye bag method
Take pearl powder 1 pay even spread at the eye of week, use ice bag two make in the eye department cold spread, about after 30 minutes, the eye bag can immediately get rid of.

The pearl hairdressing keeps Yan tea

Fragrant tea, such as pearl general, send forth You far, classic of evil spirit person fan feeling.

The pearl rests and restores energy benefit Yan tea
Formula:The pearl powder is 2 grams of, green tea 3 gram
Method for making:Pack tea-leaf into the Juan system small medicine bag, place medicine bag, pearl powder in cup, pour with the boiling water, can again and again hurtle for a day 3~4 times.
Directions for taking:When the tea and drinks repeatedly drinks and swallows together the pearl powder while drinking, everyday 1, each 15 engrave a to treat a distance, partition 5 continue in the days to come a treat a distance.
Object:The skin is much wrinkly, medium the youth in the old-age knowledge member, choler women, inhabit seashore, high mountain, southern skin blacker, there is heart palpitates suffering from insomnia, dizzy and giddy, skin infection, the liver big eyes red various disease.
Function:Keep blood to tranquilize the nerves, the town heart settle surprised and smooth skin Yue Yan
Notice:The pregnant woman hates

The pearl white sweet smooth skin tea
Formula:The pearl powder is 2 grams of, honey 30 gram
Method for making:Pearl powder and honey mix, the boiling water pours, cool drink behind.
Directions for taking:Drink, everyday 1, a treat a distance 15, the partition continues on the 6th.
Object:Move bowels the stem knot, much more facial spot and face to have a color spot, skin dry, face have no China, suffer from insomnia many dreams and heart palpitates Zheng Chong, unsteady emotion, dizzy and forgetful and seashore, high mountain, southern region stronger sunshine area.
Function:Keep Yan to grow in wisdom, the slippery bowel relax bowel, smooth skin Yue Yan
Notice:Pregnant woman, move bowels Xie to leak hate

The pearl keeps Yan, the abyss of time magic power
Pearl powder from thou be keep and improve looks of good product, have been deeply being subjected to female’s favor, not only single, the married female can take over a long period of time, the Yun pregnant woman takes also can add calcium quality, make the baby’s skin also white the white is delicate.
Internal use:Regulate endocrine and construct equilibrium environment inside the body, keep the Yan delicate skin,Jewellery Manufacturers the pure fire goes to a pox and helps to sleep to sleep well and go to wrinkly in addition to spot, often taking can make skin pure white and soft and tender.
External application:Increase white naturally, adjust a skin color, nourishment skin, the clearness is soft smooth.

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