SZ should be high-tech center’

 SHENZHEN should position itself as a center of innovation for world-class high-tech industries in future development, said Liu Shijin, vice director of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), at yesterday’s seminar on Shenzhen’s future development.

    Liu was one of 14 imminent domestic economists who attended the seminar, the second of its kind in Shenzhen. It was organized by the city government and the Chinese Economists 50 Forum.

    “To achieve this goal, Shenzhen should foster a cluster of big innovation enterprises which take a lead in their industries. Meanwhile, more attention should be paid to Shenzhen’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),” said Liu.

    “There are many enterprises known for their ability to copy brand products and many of the copied products are very innovative. The problem is how to turn this kind of low-end innovation into a high-end one,” said Liu.

    Shenzhen should combine innovative technology with the manufacturing industry to build a modern manufacturing industry.

    “Manufacturing enterprises with a strong innovation capability are in great demand in China,” he said.

    Liu’s recognition of the importance of developing the manufacturing industry was shared by Fan Gang, director of the National Economic Research Institute of the China Reform Foundation.

    “Secondary industry should maintain part of Shenzhen’s industrial structure despite the city government setting the tone to develop a modern service industry at full strength,” Fan said.

    “Most people think Singapore is the center of service industries. However, secondary industry has long accounted for about 30 percent of its GDP, which enables sustainable economic growth,” Fan said.

    Shenzhen needed a comprehensive industrial structure, featuring strong high-end manufacturing and modern service industries, to become an economic center.

    Economic experts shared views on Shenzhen’s future development, which has come at a crucial time to determine a way to maintain robust momentum after 30 years of fast economic growth.

    “Shenzhen is facing challenges including an increasing population, scarce land resources, unbalanced industrial structure and lagging social management, which make it necessary and urgent to transform it economic growth pattern,” said Wang Rong, the city Party chief, in the opening speech at the seminar.

    Wang said Shenzhen would lend weight to the development of the high-end manufacturing industry and modern service industry in future development.

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