bird flu fatality

A 13-year-old Indonesian girl has died of bird flu in Central Java province of Indonesia, bringing the death toll to 138, spokesperson of Health Ministry said here Friday, as the outbreak has declined recently.

The girl died on June 24, after being treated at a hospital in the province, the spokesperson said.

“Laboratory tests showed that the girl was positively infected by avian flu,” Tri Tarayati told Xinhua by phone.

The confirmation brought the total case of avian influenza to 167 in Indonesia, she said.

It is not clear whether the girl has had contact with poultry, which had been the common cause of the H5N1 death in the archipelago country. But one week before the girl suffered from the illness her family’s chickens died and the bodies were thrown away at the back yard of her house, said Tarayati.

The girl first showed the symptoms of the disease on June 14 as she had fever, cough and headache, she said.

On June 21 she was treated at a hospital and suffered high fever for two days and then she was shifted to another hospital two days later, the spokesperson said.       hezuohuoban tianhuangdilao
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