Night in winter

Night in winter

Just reached the time to come off duty, the dusk outside the window sank, the light at a distance was light one after another. My halo flashed, fermented the embryonic form of a mini-novel out in the head suddenly, think in order to catch reading unseen for ages, I lie prone and beat the characters in front of the computer with breathless interest. When to standing up directly, the dim light of night is denser.

Already to December at this moment, after sweeping across more than half pieces of cold current of China and wreaking havoc several times, the North brings the nip in the air sunk. Walk in the spacious factory, a burst of cold wind is attacked in one’s face, seem to place oneself in the midst of the ice-cold river, the air conditioning has soaked me and slightly shown the weak sweater and pants like water. Road short light of both sides send out deserted glory, through faint light except that hanging Suzuki hang several shiver withered and yellow leaf by the road, there is no sound at all around. Keep quiet and not cold and detached to shroud I all over the body, I some regret really like morning fog. I accelerated the step in the twinkling of an eye, remembered the warm family.

Ascension a burst of steam in the room, bellows sound creakily it sounds as if beautiful like sounds of nature nows creakily, as if the hungry and thirsty person has heard the ding-dong of the spring in the desert. Stove fire ragingly shine red face of wife, separate windowpane I and child to full of steam benefit from warmer end of a kang passionate buoyant. The wife adds and splits the good stuff in the chamber of a kitchen range with a smile, child’s red naked both feet run here and there on some hot hot heated kangs. Open the door of the room of cooking stove wide, the fragrance of a burst of rice is oozed into the spleen of heart.

” ground of 0.133 hectares, a ox, the hot warmer ends of a kang of wife and children ” ,For work ten I for more than year, still midwinter season beautiful hope and warm memory most. Now, place oneself in the midst of the deep and ice-cold dim light of night, I want to regret.

Go out of the factory, the quiet field sinks and sleeps, tall and big and neat poplar of both sides of the road is like a large stretch of black protective screen, vaguely, a bit shocking. Besides quiet quiet around, have a gust of sound of wind once in a while, distant place come a burst of dogs bark once in a while. I move ahead touching the shade of tree of both sides of the road slowly by bike, this is a road leading to countryside, few someone walk in the daytime, more lonely at night, what the ice-cold road surface has already been stripped by the overbearing and strong wind is clean.

A silk rushed down bright from the Xi crack of the cloud suddenly, broke the silence at night. Gradually, the moon shows half a face, is like forming a layer of frosts on the ground. Drawing support from deserted glory, I got back to the eager home that expected at last.

Get on the heated kang, and then know the foot has already lost consciousness. A bowl of steaming hot rice in the end of wife, say with a smile: “Have had inspiration? Mini-novel that you write I get blog watch tomorrow morning. ”

Hear here, I warm, I know this happiness.

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