The heart is dangerous

The heart is dangerous, unexpectedly then.
Chinese are really always most good at in order to come maliciously and try to figure out others. Good but still not so good as compared with this little girl letting persons dress up of history. Kind quilt persons of people ”  Ride ” . Present person’s civilization, does not say and ” hold ” ,Change to say that ” rides ” . The unrestrained heart as for justice, that must look dialectically too, look dividing into two. The tutor has not issued jade purport for a long time, must everything explain some dialectics? Teeth sew one and emit air conditioning. Superficial that float within air these, all of a sudden if from big old Tao that neglected one, chewing people’s blood and meat greedily.
It is and unfounded all often to be variable, can see through unfounded, as be able to have persistent you perhaps.
Have not held, has not troubled. It’s a pity this is only bodhi in instant. Moreover this instant, have no you in the mirror, only a filthy human body.
Have forgotten who said? ? The human body is the prison of the soul.

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