The university is not the destination

The university is not the destination
The result can be predicted. First Saturday of the beginning of April of 1999, I had a get-together in Dallas and old friend, received daughter’s telephone at noon, say she received the admission notices of Harvard and Princeton University, she drove for 3 hours immediately, the admission notice ”  The Express Mail Service ”  Get leave home Dallas of 300, let I and see friends that her grow up share while as a child. The friends all say that want to hold a party, there is one in California the friend in Silicon Valley even guarantees to fly here and participate in on a special trip when the time comes.
I say Harvard theme I of party think, call “! Harvard! ” Large sitting room centre, should register for piece ” Harvard! Harvard! ” Big banner!
Daughter’s brow is wrinkled, say to me, ” crazy is (crazy) ,Who says me and go to Harvard? ”
Harvard was inculcated with to her while as a child by father, my friends all knew, Gao Qian had planned to go to Harvard since childhood. However, by this moment growing up and growing up soon, that was resented most is that all kinds of things listen to father. She often says in front of me, inclined to Princeton even more, she that perhaps this is in youth and rebel against one, want, say independence of her to me, indicate she to pull strings puppet I, father can’t say Harvard just goes to Harvard.
Receive the admission notices of 6 universities successively, she have to consider each one.
No. one Amherst College of the whole America of institute of unity and coherence in writing has sent to her for a long time ”  The secret signal ” ,Take place the admission notice for the first several months and provide tickets for her early, let her visit the school. Lie in Houston, enjoy ” small Harvard in the South ” Rice University that claim promise it last she each whole school Herbert Allen scholarships emeritus heavy most. Either and Harvard stands side by side, or it is judge Delaney’s energetical recommendation to arrogate first of the Princeton University. Duke University and Princeton University are the most moving, the president writes letters in person, throw the olive branch. Duke and Yale tied for the third that year. Duke University president come on autograph letter two times, invite the daughter to go to Duke to visit, go to his family to act as a guest, will offer the ticket in basketball champion’s final of university student of the whole America that Duke holds to her. Symphony orchestra command White Mr. urge her go quickly, he like, give her produce ticket! That championships that the whole America attracts attention, the current price on market of ticket is several hundred dollars. The big general headmaster claims in the letter, he has seen this year a dozen best applicants’ material in enrolling new students the president’s desk, material of her one of them, praise she application thesis is written very interestingly still.
The university of Texas ”  The second plan ”  Let to give her highest morality to specially cheat the emeritus scholarship, director, famous professor say to her the project, students in Harvard have no chance to keep in touch with the professor, however, you needn’t make an appointment in the future, can come to my office at any time, I treat you as my daughter, I will write the best recommendation to you, you will certainly have boundless prospects. He still mails cards, handwritten in one’s handwriting ” your dormitory, let me order for you! ”
It needn’t offer the tuition in 4 years to study in Rice University; The autograph letter of Duke and big general headmaster makes her a little smug; The ones that go to the university of Texas ”  The second plan ”  Will be especially thought highly of; Each professor in Princeton must give lessons, and the lesson of the primary class, the professor keeps in touch with students closely.

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