I have car

has reached season when spring is in the air and the flowers are in blossom in an instant, my life still stagnates. I feel may not be realized temporarily to support one’s own hope by the writing at this moment, then remember that sentence ” makes a living and counts first, and then work for the achievement ” in father’s words of the deceased Talk about come. I have thought I can not think out the method of making a living all the time for a long time. She says when a¥ is chatted about with the second elder sister in one day it would be better if I could walk out, old five jokes it is better that I can ride motorcycles. The persons who say are not be in the mood for, the listener is intentional. I produced a thought suddenly, if learn to drive the three-wheeled automobile, were not a lot of life difficult problems easily solved? Why not have a try since it is so! Some persons with inconvenient ability to move around often drive the round process from the road of motorcycle in a¥ village at that time, once do I ask others I can use this kind of car? Others see my only one hand, say shaking the head I can not ride. I have inquired after performance of disabled person’s motorcycle and driving technology carefully, think this kind of motorcycle is changed slightly, perhaps can utilize. a¥ I give careful consideration, give elder sister write one long letter a few days, hope, get support from her. The elder sister phones me and inquires the situation carefully, says her family is building the building, wanting me to wait for a few days first, she and brother-in-law discuss. a¥ I read in room one day, old to 5 come over, ask I, say someone calls to look for me. The telephone was made by elder sister and brother-in-law. We have talked for more than ten minutes on the phone, they tell me, 5,000 yuan has already been mailed according to the address that I left. I hear, so excited as to almost faint, express thanks to them repeatedly. I have never passed to their such courteous reception, have obviously felt they have pleasure that kind is overwhelmed by superior’s favor at the other end of the telephone. Old five of a¥ accompanies me to go to the motorcycle monopolized shop of Association for the Handicapped of Beijing to buy the car in person. Move the throttle on the left handlebar in the place where we reach the motorcycle of repairing again. I just began a¥ to practise driving the motorcycle and suffering many privations in that period of time, can not remember clearly and throw down from car like the whole image sand bag a lot of times, the arm is abraded by the ground many times. In less than two weeks, two breastplates are broken into pieces on the motorcycle, the scratch stays in many places of car epidermis. Even so, hand and coordination of brain of me work at the same time while being difficult like picture short out. Especially finger, always than to reponse slowly half make brain. Remember once I have fallen down from car, the head nearly bumps against a tree, remember afterwards that has a lingering fear very much. And, I see in one’s face turning on, coming one being getting white on the way home. Because is tense for the moment, will brake and regard as and cheer the door on, the motorcycle dashes over in face of the Taxi. Taxi dodge fast fortunately, I to stick to Taxi plunder and pass nearly, handlebar leave one more than long scratch on Taxi. The Taxi driver roars towards me immediately after getting off: “What a driver, non- serious. ” I apologize to others at once, driver watch Taxi go those clear scratch distressed terribly, claim 200 yuan from me. People intercede one after another, get over after compensating 50 yuan in the village. I find after the Taxi leaves it is in a cold sweat that oneself is frightened. Want to tremble with fear immediately after me, if not that Taxi dodges fast, may have died. One I expect danger to drive motorcycle can’t help being stricken, produce the idea given up for a time. But think better of and think, it is hopeless not to ride life instead of walk by the car, have to toughen one’s scalp to go for exercise again on tenterhooksly. a¥ becoming flexible with accumulate experience that stand up gradually with finger, I may set out on a journey slowly at long last. Training and break-in for some time, I reached the realm that people’s car unified, followed one’s bent at last. I under to force situation, and freedom accomplish in others’ view very thing that accomplish more for survive. Have thumbed up to me only according to the people in the this village. Especially the second elder sister, often say to two brothers-in-law: “You look at household little section, nothing afraid where have a few things like you, like a thing mother, pout and claim it endlessly. ” Two brothers-in-law and persons sit while chatting together often saying to people: “This buddy of mine, really have a few oblique depraved ways, recalcitrant and still very not all right! ” I just learnt a¥ to drive the motorcycle nearly a time runs round Third Ring Road every day in those days. It is to run to reach the evening purposelessly everywhere. I reach Beijing so long, have been having no chance to see this flourishing metropolis carefully all the time, have a chance to contact at short range how could miss. That kind of feeling is really dripping wet freely. Once I go to Tian An-men to see the night scene by car in a¥. Did not understand traffic rules at that time, bolted in the public transit lane all the way, stopped by the traffic police when almost to the Tian’anmen Square. He sees and opens pair wide watching stunnedly after my health, I, guide me in the non- flexible lane and go hesitating, soliloquize: “Really evil, there are all kinds of people. ” a¥
Once in a while when second elder sister’s family is too busy to do it, I demand to go to the indigo factory to help them to have the goods voluntarily. They believe in me very much, the payment for goods of thousands of yuan is given to me, never do accounts while coming back. Sometimes I walk around around the village everywhere bringing up two brothers-in-law too. He praise I skill of having on every people, have abilities. a¥ I have car mean, have leg, want, go where stool put car at the back seat, it is convenient and swift to make a return journey, the previous step of life.
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