I arrange

I arrange, sit down at the end quietly, look strange everything that know well also this up and down carefully, there is a kind of disconsolate thin one in the heart. This in the that I live in U.S.A. 15 year, come to the church several times? I bow and meditate, but seem not to remember really. As if past everything silent scission, want, connect, know how connect, stand up. Perhaps come to the church each time, move towards the main fact each time, are all a new beginning. This time, make an appointment with a friend, then next time? Still come? A very definite answer of oneself that I can’t give. I lift the eyes and see pastor Wu on the lecture platform silently, want to find an answer from him.
I have no answer, because I was not originally a Christian. As to the thing that Jesus Christ have no interests, it is basically that that kind does not know the state not wanted to know either.
The Holy Bible that time learn, really what has studied, is it discussed that which later had done? I can not all remember clearly. However, the ones that made me difficult to forget are looking into after passing so far, a section of dialogues alone between pastor Wu and me, aftertaste today, still come clearly into view.
It is that pastor Wu asks U.S.A. when I come first, where is the hometown. I say some I oneself, I born in Beijing, growth of me history with a series of soul-stirring ” sport ” Interspersed. According to the law that first impressions are strongest, I should calculate a materialist. Not it is I that safeguard a certain thought and faith wanting brute force, but on the basis of inherent thought, accept one more kind of brand-new things, it is a very difficult thing.
Pastor Wu very looks at me and says, he understands and understands me very much sincerely. But he says again, he has a small suggestion on me, since I have an opportunity to come to U.S.A., since have an opportunity to touch a kind of new religious thought, even a very idealistic thing, can try too to know, can treat world and life in another perspective at least. I to sample him carefully, think, have certain reason too, promise, come on and then next time. I had never expected, since after this, but I have never come over to listen to pastor Wu sermonizing disconnectedly, converted to Christ until I receive baptism formally.
Now, turn one’s head quietly, pursue every footprint that I come over slowly, wanted to come silently, I went on this road at that time, a lot of factors facilitated.
First of all, it is that one of the most important points is worshipping and pious limitlessly to god of pastor Wu too, and his spirit of pursuing and propagating the thought of the Holy Bible firmly and indomitably, wholeheartedly has moved and encouraged me deeply.
Pastor Wu, a little over 60, the person looks tall and big and tall and straight, the ashen hair is always combed neatly and cleanly. In the back of a pair of plain glasses, there is a pair of knowledge erudite, and eyes open to instructions. Pastor Wu does not often smile when speaking; And while smiling, seldom speak. In other words, when pastor Wu sermonizes on the platform, his face is always solemn to the utmostly; If someone act as witness, at platform, people can in the audience during the feast, find an old gentleman in silence with a smile. So, my impression of pastor Wu from start to finish is strict and gentle,can both work as teacher Yan and play the part of the person of the good mother.
Pastor Wu PeiXian’s ancestral home is the Northeast, and really, that kind of honestest persons the most all over the world. Shortly before 1949, he reached Taiwan with family first, and then went to U.S.A. to horbor again. It is a thing more than 40 years ago that pastor Wu receives baptism and belongs to the main fact. From that time, he will devote strong-willedly to the main fact, the faithful servant deciding whole life all one’s life.
Pastor Wu for various reasons, fails to enter seminary to study immediately after U.S.A. finishes college. But this, can not change the original intention that pastor Wu preach.
At that time, one question that he appear repeatedly in the brain, how could break up Chinese in U.S.A. concentrate, propagate the god’s love and one of the spirit to them?
In order to touch more Chinese, pastor Wu decides to open a grocery finally. No matter the Chinese grocery is big or small, play a very important role in U.S.A.. More and more Chinese live at home in U.S.A., unavoidable to want, get grocery go, seek some original juice original bad smell, native soil of China, of soup. And when people come, the majorities are all in the unused state, some come by the way after coming off duty, it was on weekend that some came specially, there are men that have women, always have little, far apart, the fellow-villager sees fellow-villagers, two is tearful, this is a fairly good chat chance. Pastor Wu through come and go customer while the the daily life of having a chat about, to all sorts of reasons that them travel in Christ saving.
Pastor Wu step absorbed institute, hold, give day of books 58 year old already again. That year, son that he graduated from the law school, had a job with very considerable income, hope to support old father’s heavy entrance hall. Pastor Wu had originally hoping to enter the seminary all the time, had continued taking an advanced study. Then, the father does not shoulder the son to look, begin all over again, go on an expedition again. This time, pastor Wu has really made one’s wish fulfilled. Pastor Wu at the absorbed institute, though ” overage ” Students, but according to his worshipping and loving limitlessly to god, according to his unyielding toughness, major in the theology hard-workingly, for three years. The study of the seminary, enabled pastor Wu systematicness strengthened the understanding of instruction of the god, thus strengthened his faith even more.
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