He still knows horticulture deeply

Three years later, pastor Wu graduating from the seminary, with a person full of the Holy Ghost, with the faithful servant of a spirit, are beginning him and teaching the evangelistic career.
Since ancient times, people have often depicted the general teacher person of attitude towards life all over the world as ” the engineer of human soul ” . I thought this title was deserving for pastor Wu. He is that that kind does not ask fame and gain, person who educates people untiringly and wholeheartedly. He looks at the flocks of sheep which are taking care of him hard like the duty-bound shepherd of a spirit person all the time, lead his flocks of sheep to walk on a road leading to paradise on a firm footing. Though in his life, all kinds of hurt and wronged and censuring, but in any case, he god to people correctly, have a sincere heart.
In the study of each ” the Holy Bible “, that pastor Wu is always in ” the Holy Bible ” once, polish durably and finely and smoothly, simply but profoundly and talk to people. As to various questions that everybody put forward, he is always in line with the attitude of teaching with tireless zeal, answering every question tirelessly. He explain one question each time and at the thought, always from small to large, from say, drive to at one’s side, see through the dense fog, guide people to the high distant place; And then get back to at one’s side by the high distant place, give somebody a kind of cordial sense.
Pastor Wu supervises us to read ” the Holy Bible ” constantly. He say you read, pass every day, on have new things float every day. I have tried, and sure enough it do. Because my thought is changing every day, the text is changing with me. How deeply I go, how deeply it can walk with me! Because it has eternal properties, endless, abysmal.
Pastor Wu often reminds everybody, anyone has three families, i.e. true and belonging to fairy and home on day. He warns we do not need the ground day by day, without a single halt only for an abundant true family, have forgotten to belong to the family of fairy and home on day. Want everybody’s timing to go to church, home which belongs to fairy to have a get-together by fixed position, study” the Holy Bible ” together, understand and discuss the god’s instruction, supports on soul together, improve together, thus strengthen our faith. Unless let too there aren’t we, attend by god,it let good news because effortses untiring of us, and is spread all over the world.
Under elaborate plan and bring along of pastor Wu, teach except every worship and Friday for Sunday check, pass, still consist of children and teenagers and check that is checked by class, old man’s group contract, will pray, individual’s thematic seminar of once of every month and will witnessing by the class, woman. Until some great festivals, there is a rich and colorful concert even while being every, and can be taking extolling the main fact as theme, various parties with the purpose of getting in touch with everybody’s each other’s emotion.
Pastor Wu is the parents of our big family. He often says, you are just like my child, when you should come to teach, not coming, I will worry, will inquire by telephone. Just as a child has not gone home on time, the parents makes a phone call to go over inevitably, will rest assured. Whenever I heard him talk like this, think own heart have first house always.
I whether one does not study, try every possible means, understand people of ins and outs while being essential if study already. As to ” the Holy Bible “, I am problematic too. So, pastor Wu will often do some single coaching for me. He has explained the development course of Judaism, Christianity and Catholicism in terms of history for me patiently, say, create century how to bring up everythingly is god, speak Jesus’ births and revivals again, he also says why there is Moses first and then just has Jesus, Moses has brought the law to world, Jesus has brought the love to world.
Under the encouragement of pastor Wu, I have begun to read over the long years of ” the Holy Bible “. Deepen with what has been read and probed into ring upon ring, I, to ” the passing of ten thousand books ” Have one a systematic one, intact understanding and understanding just, increase I letter confidence of master too, and grow with each passing day, benefit me a great deal. While I moved towards main fact step by step, I am more interested too, hope to listen to pastor Wu sermonizing more voluntarily. In the frequent contact, find out about Wu pastor person little by little too day by day in pastor Wu.
Pastor Wu in life, is an old gentleman with abundant temperament and interest, with extensive interest. He cooks the dish well on ordinary days. Every woman for will it be morning Tuesday check through class, house finish, pray, check pass, in him, pastor Wu must lay kitchen, one delicious meal cook for everybody, in person. Fry spinach, steamed fish, usually fry three silks etc. like spicy hot bean curd, Auricularia, multifarious, fill with everything. Though the dish which he cooked is some homely dishes, delicious, abundant, healthy.
He still knows horticulture deeply, outdoors, around the house, always seasonal flower and grass and trees are put in the room. At regular intervals, pastor Wu will transplant and divide a kind of tall and big plant meticulously kind in the small flowerpot, give us a person and a basin. With the passage of time, pastor Wu’s flowers and plants have been accompanied by his love, taking root in the huge numbers of families slowly, sprouted, bloomed, result.

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